Valentine Vulture
He’s a vulture. He does vulture things.
He’s pretty much a loner,
on account of his vulture-ness.
All day long, he lurks on the rooftops with
those big, menacing wings spread wide.
The other animals, well, they’re downright afraid of him.
They’d love to banish Vulture from the city forever.
But alas, nobody is brave enough to confront him.
One Valentine’s Day, a foolhardy little pigeon is trying his best
to show off to a flock of lady pigeons. He figures the best way
to win their favor is to do something dramatic.
He decides he’ll be the bird who finally tells Vulture to scram.
Of course he’s terrified, but as he plops himself recklessly close
to the vulture, he’s still trying to play it cool for the ladies.
Now here we have Pigeon beak to beak with mean ol’ Vulture.
As Pigeon prepares to lay into him, Vulture goes and
does something surprising.
Vulture asks if Pigeon wants a hug.
A hug ?!
This is certainly unexpected. Maybe even a little suspicious.
But Vulture seems sincere. So with extreme caution,
Pigeon agrees to the hug.

Meanwhile, the other animals are watching in horror.
What the chirp is Pigeon thinking?

Well guess what.
Vulture means no harm at all.

The other animals start tweeting and #ValentineVulture
is trending in no time. Suddenly, Vulture has gone from foe
to total bro. He has more BFFs than he can handle.
All it took was one brave soul to finally give Vulture a chance.
And that, folks, is how the Valentine Vulture came to be.
Wishing you a Valentine’s Day
that’s filled with delightful surprises
and meaningful reminders.